Oh my, oh my, oh my. This has to be a sign, a miracle. It's not the first time I have painted a sky, only for it to appear almost the same on the following day in the real sky. But THIS! Last night I made a spontaneous, abstract sky and today, on a visit to the bay, I took a photograph. Only when I looked at the shot, did I see the posterior that made an appearance in last night's painting (see yesterday's entry). And it's in exactly the same position. How can this be??? The chances are way too billions-to-one for this to be coincidence. And at a time when I have been at a loss to balance paying the bills with a bit to spare or giving up part-time guaranteed income to dive straight back into 100% creative time with the hope of meeting my bills at the end of each month. What comfort, what signposting and what fun. Just when I recorded in my journal this morning, my love of whimsy. Well it doesn't get much clearer than that. A book of images and texts and wordplays. Thank you universe.