Image a Day began with no particular intention other than experimenting with various mediums and posting them up online.

I was also hopeful the eclectic mix of work might be a useful source of ideas for the hundreds of people who came through my art group at the residential drug and alcohol rehab where I worked for 9 years.

At times Image a Day was a visual diary, reflecting time, place and circumstance. Other times there was a desire to be led somewhere through the process of making.

The only interruption to the daily process came after the Grenfell Tower Fire in June 2017. I simply found I couldn’t paint after that. The second world headline that had a profound effect was the murder of George Floyd in May 2020. This time I didn’t stop painting but marked the month of June 2020 by painting only with the most beautiful and purest black pigment, called Spinel black.

After 20 years commitment to painting and thousands of blind alleys, art making has led me back to a childhood fascination for natural history. Animals, plants, geology, seeds, fruits, biology and the evolution of life on our planet.

Later in life, I studied physics, ecology and biology at university before switching to a fine art degree which I completed in 2007 with first class honours.

Favouring abstraction for its ability to convey more than one definitive form. I am interested in forms that can be interpreted in multiple ways and forms that might topple or morph into something else.

Life is constantly and ingeniously evolving. There is precariousness, order, serendipity and wonder. I am interested in celebrating that.

I make my paints using pigments and traditional egg tempera. Over time I have refined the recipe and seem to have found a medium I am constantly surprised by and can learn from.