No time today for making a new piece of work although I have done so by combining two previous drawings. I've been superimposing images for many years. One of my favourite's being a video installation (https://vimeo.com/93984296) exhibited in Edinburgh in 2011 with a soundtrack by the amazing Maxwell Sterling (https://maxwellsterling.bandcamp.com/album/turn-of-phrase). My neighbours have gone away for 5 days and I've been enlisted to keep their allotment watered. The allotment doesn't allow watering with a hosepipe so you have to fill the water butt with the hosepipe, then dip a watering can into the butt and water by hand. It's good exercise and saves water so I'm all for it. Today's image portrays one of my neighbour's, Tony in his front garden. Tony is known as the plant doctor on our street. His garden is meticulous and he loves to help everyone with any plant that's given up the ghost. Superimposing an image of a woman on horseback seemed relevant for the day since my neighbours are leaving for some holiday time. I guess a car is a horsepower of sorts. There was such a pleasure in watering the allotment at 7am. It may be a stepping stone for that kind of natural life ... more fruitful and environmentally friendly than painting.