Two days ago a set of 72 Koh-i-Noor coloured pencils arrived. I was sitting here wondering how to use them, in the sense of 1. start a drawing from scratch 2. make something abstract or representational 3. add to a half-finished painting. I decided on the latter. One of the loose egg tempera pieces. While deciding what to do, I fancied some background noise and decided to half-listen, half-watch iPlayer. In the beginning sequence, there was a fishing trawler heading out of Fleetwood. Somehow it captivated me. I paused the screen and drew it onto the existing painting in ink, then used the coloured pencils for the sea and sky. The marriage of these three elements and being open to serendipity has resulted in a little painting I love. I'm deciding whether to make more but somehow that would be contrived. It was just one of those happy moments. I'll possibly make this into a large poster instead.