Coloured 'Koh-i-Noor' pencils. This week I'm avoiding the temptation to post on social media. Recently I've had a few discussions with other artists about the impact of social media on our health. It invokes a huge amount of stress in our lives. All of us appreciate it's a necessary evil if you want to make any kind of impact with your work. I realise I don't need to do that but do love sharing outcomes and ultimately would like some artworks to go to good homes. A piece of art on a wall can quietly seep positivity. Last year a builder came to my home and was moved to tears when he walked into my home and saw the paintings on my wall. Now THAT is worth making art for. I get the same overwhelming emotional sensation with some artworks. I guess I'm thinking out loud here, trying to make sense of the ludicrous amount of time I spend scrolling and liking work, while posting up my own images. So just for this week, I'm giving myself a break from it all and enjoying the freedom. This is the first little drawing, overlaid with a painting.