A lovely lady on a neighbouring allotment gifted a fine looking beetroot today. So before it heads into the pot (as in stove, not belly, although ...) I thought to immortalise it with a watercolour. I've started an 'allotment' sketchbook and already it's proving useful as a calendar as to which fruit and veg ripen at which time of the year. I feel gloriously connected already - more than I have to anything I've painted up to now or to any place I have been. It's interesting as the family lineage on my mother's side is a long line of fruit farmers. They were from Hertfordshire and supplied their wares to Smithfield market. I'm wondering if this is why I've had an epiphany this week and why I feel I have 'come home' while tending my neighbours' allotment. There's such a sense of hope and excitement.